The Remnant with Todd Wagner

Todd led a movement over 20 years impacting tens of thousands of lives across the globe. With a pastor’s heart, an academic’s clarity of thought, and a entrepreneur’s vision, Todd is a rarity in the ministry world. His ability to motivate people to deliver outcomes helped build an organization that achieved incredible feats. Todd shoots straight. He has a no-bullcrap-attitude that makes him a bit of a gangster. He has a network of relationships that reaches all over the world. He has wisdom that could change culture and a heart to pour into those who need it most.

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Thursday Jan 11, 2024

In this episode of The Remnant, we are back with Tim Barton, co-author of “The American Story: The Beginnings.” Tim and Todd sit down to discuss our Founding Fathers, their faith, and the principles they fought to keep in our Constitution. Join us as we examine where Christian Nationalism began, slavery laws in the colonies, and how many are rewriting American history today.
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Thursday Jan 04, 2024

In this episode of The Remnant, we are joined by Tim Barton, co-author of “The American Story: The Beginnings.” Tim and Todd delve into historical nuances such as dispelling myths around the 1619 project and examining the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. They explore the importance of a robust moral foundation in society, taking a look at America’s past and present, and offering a thought-provoking exploration of key principles shaping the nation’s identity. Tune in for a truly enlightening discussion on the intricacies of American history. 🎙️🇺🇸

Thursday Dec 28, 2023

Would you give up your life long dream if it meant you sacrificed true peace?
Todd is joined by Blaine Hale Jr. a professional golfer and long time friend of Todd and his family. Ever since Blaine was 3 he has dreamed of becoming a professional golfer and recently he achieved that very thing. 
What roller coaster of faith do you go through working so hard for a high achievement like this? Blaine discusses his journey being a college athlete and all the hardship he went through to go pro. He shares his faith in Jesus and how that’s been the foundation of everything going well in his life.

Thursday Dec 21, 2023

Americans have become less and less motivated to work. Seeking purpose outside their 9-5 jobs, many corporate employees have adopted the phrase Quiet Quitting  -  meaning they “put in the minimum effort to keep their job, but don’t go the extra mile for their employer.”In this episode of The Remnant, Todd Wagner and his son, Cooper, discuss how quiet quitting affects both the employer and employee and how this phenomenon stems from a deeper problem at home and in the church.
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Thursday Dec 14, 2023

Rumors and speculation have surrounded the Second Coming, since the first ascension of Christ. Every era believes they’ve seen the signs and that the end must be coming soon.In this episode of The Remnant, we will discuss -• Israel and Hamas• Moral Destruction in America• End-Times: Where Does America Fit In?• Premillennial vs. Postmillennial View• How to Identify the Anti-Christ When He Comes• The Book of Revelation: Literal or Figurative?• Anti-Christ / Israel Relationship
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Thursday Dec 07, 2023

With 2024 rapidly approaching, a Trump-Biden rematch seems likely. Many Christians have supported Donald Trump in the past. Both in 2016 and 2020, a large portion of Christian voters aligned themselves with Trump’s policies, conservative values, and promises to protect their religious freedoms. However, many have grappled with the moral and ethical implications of endorsing a candidate with such a controversial past.
In this episode of The Remnant, we will discuss -
How Christians should think about voting
How to use our voice for TRUTH and LOVE
How to prepare for suffering and less religious freedom
And how God determines who rises to power
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Thursday Nov 30, 2023

In this episode of The Remnant, Todd Wagner is joined by his son, Cooper, and colleague Matthew Lopez as they discuss the dangers of micro-dosing harmful ideologies.
What you are consuming affects you much more than you realize. Take a moment to reflect on how intentional you’re being with your information diet. What are you really giving your attention to every day? I hope this podcast helps you reset and refocus on Jesus.

Thursday Nov 23, 2023

A new Tiktok trend has sparked a lot of attention for a decade's old letter written by Osama Bin Laden to America following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Many young people are saying to read the letter and to come back and talk about it - This is because many of them are sympathizing with the points made in the letter by Bin Laden. In this episode, we read some of the letter and address some of the reasoning and demands made to America back in 2002. We discuss Biblical history and modern perspective. 

Thursday Nov 16, 2023

Join Todd Wagner and Matthew in this powerful and candid conversation that delves into the intersection of faith, trauma, and the transformative power of redemption. The dialogue begins with a deep dive into biblical perspectives on discipline, repentance, and the unforgivable sin, exploring the complexities of mental health and spirituality.As the conversation unfolds, Matthew bravely shares personal experiences of childhood trauma, struggles with sociopathy, and the challenging journey of seeking help. Todd and Matthew explore the impact of trauma on mental health, including dissociation as a survival mechanism, guilt, and the difficulty of finding peace. They also reflect on the importance of confronting sin, the role of repentance, and the challenges of overcoming past traumas.Drawing inspiration from scripture, they discuss the significance of quoting and sharing the word of God as a weapon in spiritual battles, referencing Ephesians 6 and the Armor of Christ. The concept of neuroplasticity and the renewal of the mind, as mentioned in Romans 12, is explored as a critical aspect of the healing journey.In the concluding moments, the conversation shifts to the "1613 project," an initiative encouraging individuals to be vigilant, courageous, and grounded in faith. Todd and Matthew share insights on the power of scripture in confronting sin, finding grace, and achieving healing. The dialogue concludes with a message of hope, acknowledging that God can bring beauty from ashes, turning lives around despite past struggles.
Join us in this profound exploration of faith, redemption, and the journey toward healing. May this conversation inspire and bring hope to those facing their struggles. Remember, there is always hope for restoration through God's grace.
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Thursday Nov 09, 2023

In this episode of the Todd Wagner podcast, Todd does a deep dive into the faith journey of his friend Matthew Lopez, touching on God's blessings, forgiveness, repentance, scripture interpretation, and profound personal transformation. Matthew shares his raw experiences with addiction, anger, bitterness, and trauma and how he found healing through God's love and forgiveness, leading to his evolution into a fulfilled husband, father, and follower of Christ. This conversation underlines the power of Bible study, confessing sins, praying, receiving God's grace, and trusting the Holy Spirit.


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